Cabinet Lombonna is an Accounting firm and member of the Chartered Accountants Order of the Republic of Guinea and a Statutory Auditor registered with the Court of Appeal of Conakry. A major player in Audit, Accountancy and Consulting both to the private and to the public sector, the firm was established in 1985 by El Hadj Boubacar Lombonna DIALLO former Minister of Finance and Statutory auditor.

The Cabinet Lombonna has been operating for 29 years at all stages of the life of businesses and the public sector to assist them in management of their current operations, the implementation of their strategic and political decisions. Our employees and experts intervene to assist our clients both in crisis phases (loss of profitability, insolvency, fraud, litigation) as part of continuous performance improvement processes (organization, internal control, accounting outsourcing). In a permanent concern for quality and transparency, Cabinet Lombonna implements your audit procedures in order to guarantee the quality of your accounting information (legal audit, assistance with internal audit, etc.) and assist you in the very specific context of financial transactions (merger, acquisition, transfer).

The  Cabinet Lombonna is a limited company with a capital of 216,000,000 Guinean francs, registered in the Register of Commerce of the Republic of Guinea under number 91/A/436/6/91. It has the following affiliations:
member of the National Order of Chartered Accountants and Accountants of Guinea following approval no. 005 of 02/29/1996;
- Statutory auditor under the Ordinance n° 12 of 15/12/1990 and 02/03/1994 n°38 of the Court of Appeal in Conakry;
- Member of the Society of African Consultants of the African Development Bank (ACDB), following the Decision n° SF/22338/GIN.